Truth: Let Go

“Let go and let God”…I know, I know…blah blah blah… I’ve heard this phrase a million times and it makes me gag. It’s so kitschy but so true, and sometimes the truth makes me sick to my stomach. The simplicity of the sentiment drives me crazy because everything I need to know about walking in faith is right there: let go and let God. But it’s difficult for me because I have this deep-seated need to be in control of any situation that I’m in – in class, in relationships, in the car, at amusement parks (don’t take me…I won’t have fun). If I’m in control, I know what I’m getting myself into and I think I can handle whatever is ahead of me.

Letting everything go and moving into a faith that says ‘God will take care of it’ terrifies me. I wrestle with God, I fight for control, I give God the silent treatment, and when I finally fail at whatever I’m doing I turn it over to God. Sure, it’d be easier to ‘let go and let God’ but…but I’m stubborn, and want control. As I move through life, things have gotten better, and I have given over a lot of stuff to God, but I can honestly say that I still hold tight to many things. So I challenge myself with the question: what are you doing right now that requires faith? What do I have control of in my life right now, and what am I willing to let go?

May God take that which I am willing to release, and may God win the fight to take that which I am holding fast.

much love. sheth.

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