About: Sheth.

Idealistic. Affectionate. Generous. Supportive. Analytical. Agreeable. Conscientious. Open-minded.
Wants humanity to be nicer, kinder, and more loving. And to laugh a lot more.
BA from University of Northern Colorado (English & Creative Writing).
MDiv from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Partner to The Anxious Chaplain.
Fears spiders.

Contact: thesesacredthoughts@gmail.com

Mission: To proclaim the Good News through work and word
Vision: For all to know and thrive with their Creator

Resume & PCUSA Ministry Questions/Responses (Downloadable PDF Here)

Statement of Faith (Downloadable PDF Here):

I believe, trust, and have faith in one God distinct in three persons: Father, Son, and Spirit. In this Trinity, God is over all creation, has lived in and continues to move in creation, having loving sovereignty over all.

I believe in God, seen in word as creator, rescuer, judge, mother, father, hen, lion, Lord. God lovingly created the world good, including humanity, both male and female of every race, and God hoped that we’d live in peaceful community. Yet, given all it needed, humanity desired more, rebelled, and chose sin. While deserving God’s wrath and judgement, God gave justice and mercy through the sovereign love of Jesus Christ.

I have faith in Jesus Christ- fully human and fully divine- sent by God to be with creation. He embodied humanness- caring for the broken, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, praying for creation, standing for the weak, opposing injustice. He confronted potent and oppressive systems and called them to return to their upright ways, thus sentencing him to death. Through this death, creation witnessed God’s plan for salvation and healing. I believe God raised Jesus from death, giving us hope and promise for our own rebirth. In Jesus’ life and death we’re shown how deeply God loves and how we’re to live.

I trust in the Holy Spirit- a promise spoken by Jesus, given by God. We find intimacy with the Spirit who comforts, guides, and brings peace. By the Spirit we’re to act as Christ: to love, care, feed, pray, worship, and stand against injustice in all forms. When our spirits can’t endure, it’s the Spirit that supports and comforts, assuring us that our work is useful.

I believe the Church is the ‘one holy catholic and apostolic’ body of Christ, striving to reveal God’s love in the world. While imperfect, it desires God’s desires: make disciples, share life, care for creation, free captives, and grow the Kingdom.

I affirm the sacraments of baptism and eucharist, both tactile means of God’s grace for the Church. In baptism we affirm God’s grace and redemption are for all- it’s at the font we’re called to repentance, discipleship, and identity. In eucharist we remember Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection- in this act we commune with God and God’s endless love.

I trust in the Holy Scriptures- the story of God’s people and God’s love. It’s in the Scriptures that we know how God has been active in the past and in the present.

Despite the love God has for us, still some choose to turn on God. Evil stays in the world when we favor death over life, pain over mercy, power over freedom. God, hurt by this choice, desires those who turn away to return. While we can’t fully grasp why God allows evil, we trust that God will prevail.

Even in death, creation will find newly abundant life. I believe God came to earth and will come again, making all things new. I believe God’s Kingdom is with all creation, and have assurance it will be fully realized at Christ’s return; not knowing when or how, we keenly wait, persisting in good.