Truth: Transformation

Lately, I find myself on the precipice of crying. It seems anything is apt to set me off: a song in church, something spoken during chapel, a conversation with a classmate, a story on the radio, some fancy quote on Facebook. Just one little thing will make my eyes tear up and I can’t control it.

I’ve been wondering what the heck is going on because this is not normal for me. I’ve never been one who cries out of the blue – I have always been one of those steady, staid, calm people who seemingly shows no emotions. Not emotionless – just not expressive with my emotions. And now all this leaking…it’s kind of annoying.

But it’s good, because I know God is working on me. I know I’m changing and I know things are happening over which I have no control. It’s just odd for me to experience this whole new set of expressions in my life. God is changing my heart and resetting my soul.

much love. sheth.