Truth: (Be)Loved

Sometimes God swoops in on me and drops loving-kindness in my life when I need it most. The youth from my church back in Salida sent me a giant bag of candy and a note with lots of encouraging words. It’s been a tough haul this first semester, but this week has been a little more rough than usual. Thank God for people in my life who show me how much I am loved! And thank you to all the people who are continually cheering me on – your words keep me pressing forward towards the goal!

I suppose the truth here is that we are all loved – even in our darkest hours, even when we don’t ‘feel’ it, even when the road is bumpy and rough – we are loved! May we find those people and places of love in our own lives, and may we all live our lives showing others – both friends and strangers – how much we love them!

much love. sheth.

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