I Like Big Buts.

As I read this last night I couldn’t help but imagine the whole scene: David and his army are encamped on a hillside, the enemy on the opposite side. Everyone is yelling and screaming; threats are being made. Rocks are being thrown. Hand gestures are being made. Testosterone is thick in the air as the hunt for blood is about to commence. It is controlled chaos. And David is kneeling in his tent, crying out to God for help. David knows the severity of his situation – he knows where his enemy is, and what may happen.

And he throws in that word – the one that is used in the bible so many times, the one that Christians love: but. David recognizes that he’s in a deep hole, BUT he knows God is going to protect him. It seems to be one of David’s favorite words. Reading the psalms you’ll find it everywhere: Psalm 9:17-18…Psalm 10:13-14…Psalm 13:5…Psalm 22:19…Psalm 25:3…Psalm 31:14 – the list goes on and on.

I can’t help but think about how much easier my life would be if I had an actual, physical army to face as opposed to these intangibles. I can’t punch my debts; I can’t yell at my fears; I can’t push and kick at my personal struggles. I can’t physically do anything to relieve my battles. They’re there, but they’re not.

I need more ‘buts’ in my life. “I may be struggling with this bankruptcy paperwork, BUT God will make sure it turns out for the best”, “I may not have money to buy the things I want, BUT God continues to make sure I have what I need”, “People around me may be telling me that God is not the answer, BUT God is the answer and he will deliver me.” But. But. But.

Isn’t that what our faith is all about? We are sinners, but God still loves us. We were condemned to hell, but Jesus died for us. I once was lost, but now I’m found…was blind, but now I see. The world tells me to hate this person or that person, but Jesus says differently. According to our social status we shouldn’t interact with those below us, but God says there is no one below us – or above us. Look for the buts in your life – I’m looking for mine because that’s what’s keeping my head above water.

much love. sheth.